A weekend of fun


After our adventurous three day hike to norht Spain with my darling friends, we got so many precious memories to remember. It was so peaceful and refreshing. Even moments of hillarious fun. It´s such a nice feeling to share life and honestly feel love, pure friendship, share true moments of sunsets, wonderful nature. 

North Spain towards France is an absolute favourite as well.

Cadaquez and it´s unic atmosphere.

As I said before, it´s not possible to share experience as to inspire others to remember the importance of living in momentum and when you have a chance to be happy then hold on to the opportunity by taking photos and share it.  The good people in your enviroment will be happy so see you cheerful, if not it´s perhaps a good moment to take responsibility to your own life. Don´t let people take away your happiness. Watch out brother and sister! Life is to good to wast it!

These are some photos of our time shared together.. Katia, Angie, Ingela and me. 18-21 June 2017