The Retreat can be one day or up to one week. It is an active retreat: People can be as they are. However, having fun is an important factor for us, as well as the access to nature. All this provides better conditions to grow in a safe accepting enviroment.

Intensive Coarses

Intensive courses in Spanish and English. The courses are 3 hours of teaching, in the mornings or afternoons, for a week. The course also includes other extra activities such as excursions, swimming pool, horse riding, sportactivities, art etc.

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. Diploma after completing the course.

Boarding in Muel

For people interested in history (there are numerous areas of cultural interest in the surroundings of Muel), nature or who simply want to rest and get away from daily stress, we offer accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner in Muel itself, a town a only 27km from Zaragoza (Spain).


We offer boarding (maximum 20 people) and accommodation, as well as transportation, for those individuals and groups who want to carry out their own activities, apart from ours, in a safe and idyllic environment.


All our retreats have the same price, which includes courses, accommodation, maintenance, transportation, etc.

Regarding the courses, some are 4-7 days and cost 400 euros, all included, except the trip to Muel (Zaragoza) and travel insurance.

There will be an advantage for being members: a 30% discount will be applied to them. We have "early bird" prices, that is, if you decide to pay the withdrawal in advance, you will have a 50% discount. (Note: all courses that start on April 27, 2024 can be reserved, and paid in advance, and receive a 50% discount until December 31, 2023).

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