Ten tips how to survive in the untamed forest called life.


Who says that a traveler can't get lost? It happens more often than you might think. My memories bring me back to countries I will never forget. Alaska, Hawaii, South America, Irak, Israel, there were lots of places I had the privilege to visit.

What is the issue of travelling?  For me it was the possibility to connect with another reality. To sneak away from the paradigm from my upbringing and see the bigger pichture.

Since I was a child I always connected with nature, I could observe trees and feel they were alive, I talked to the forest. It made me understand deep things as togetherness. I could see trees and understand that parts of the trees had to be at the top. Limbs raising their arms towards the Sky. I connected with the feeling of total happiness of being so close to the light.  Also so vurnerable to storms and bad wheather.  The leaders had to suffer more. I understood life through watching nature.

Sometimes I shared this with my fellow man and was surprised to see that they couldn´t see this issue on their own. 

Today I believe that God gives us different eyes so we all can connect to nature as a 100% paradigm if we want in our own special way. 

Retreat in nature is a good thing to heal and connect with your inner Soul and Spirit.

I had the oportunity to work in Alaska on a lodge in Karluk. How ever you try to explain or take photos it´s simply not possible to communicate the honour it is to see a Nature so pure, green and absolutly beautiful. 

Every evening I went out to pick flowers and there was not even one day I couldn´t find flowers I never seen before. 

That is part of life, the greatest things we experience we cannot share completly with anyone.  Therefore I´m not going to talk about my travellings nor in the exterial World or in my inner World as to inspire you with this blog to search for your Dreams and support your inner longings and share some moments, that´s all.

This is my top ten;

1  Don´t let anyone play with your heart and dreams.   2   Do your best, in the end you have to pay for your actions so you do better in follow your inner wisdom.   3   Don´t fall in the World and start to compare yourself, all envy starts from this. See yourself as a Unic Spirit because you really are.   4   Learn to stop your mind, do it in your way, yoga, meditation, pray. There are so many ways but the mind is limited and will always kill love. There is no logical sense in leaving your heart to another person. Keep a good relation to mind, as to an ox and skill it to work and do what your heart and Spirit orders. The truth is always available when the mind is silent.  5   Get to know yourself, connect with what you have at hand, listen and understand in all there is a lesson to learn.   6   The truth will set you free, so connect with your Spirit, take your time to all it take to get in touch with your higher Self.    7   Don´t judge, no matter what!   8   Change yourself until you do, think and speak in the manner you want others to do, think and speak to you.   9   Don´t let the World assume you, if you fly with Eagles you will become one. There are so many holy, special things you can connect to even if you can´t change all at once.    10   You are loved, adorable, holy. You are not alone. Search and you will find.  Knock on the door and it will open.   Connect to the light bearers when you are ready and hold up your light and Shine.

Thank you for your time. Blessings