Sant Feliu de Guixols

An exotic sea village with things to do for the whole family and friends. This is a charming mixture of a normal working Sea village and tourism. It´s a place where you have movements all the time and at the same time, it is very relaxed. 

So how do you get there without a vehicle; Easy!  You go to Barcelona Prat. You have a bus from the airport every two hours. If you go to Barcelona Center (the train directly to Sant) and after taking another train two station you come to the Station called Arco de Triomphe. Just next to it you have one of the biggest Coach Station called "Estacion Norte". You can take the same bus going to Sant Feliu de Guixols from there. It goes more often that is the only difference.

Timetable here!

Moventis Sarfa 902 302025 Telephone Estacion del Nord - Ali Bei, 80 (93 1852851)

Airport T1 + T2   10;15  12;00  14;00  17;45  19;30  Every day

Estacion del Nord  08;30  11;00  12;45  14;45  16;15  18; 30  20;15 Every day   22;45 Sundays